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‘Course change Melbourne’ – How Can I Change Course as an International Student?

Course change Melbourne

Course change Melbourne – If you want to change the course that you have selected because you are unsatisfied or it turned out to be a little too difficult for you, or it could be any personal reason.  Recent changes in the student visa legislation have made it difficult for students to change their course or institute.

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3 points that will help you in the course change:

1. The course you are studying

2. How long you have been studying the same course

3. Type of visa you have

You can change the current stream of your course in the same institute, or you can completely change the institute as per your obligations.

  If you still have questions like: 

  • Can ‘Change Course Melbourne’ could be easier for me?
  • How can I change my course?
  • How can I change my university? 

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The course in which you took admission is your primary course. In simple words, your student visa was granted on your primary course.

Some students opt for a study package courses, and it is the highest level program that you get enrolled into and your student visa was granted for the same.

Let’s take an example to understand it better:


– Cert III and IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality

– Your primary course is the Diploma of Hospitality

Another example would be


– Diploma of Business followed by Bachelor of Business

– Your primary course is the Bachelor of Business

With us, you can better understand your options, in the case, if your academic or personal circumstances change. It is entirely a normal phenomenon that you’ve started your course with a particular goal but ended up changing it as you progress.

 There could be many factors regarding the change of course. It could be due to discovering a new area of interest, re-examine academic, personal or career goals, or not finding interest in the course anymore. Change Course in Melbourne could be easier if you follow our guidance.

 Nevertheless, before you decide to take a huge step to change your course plan, it is essential to analyze your current scenario and explore all your options.

How can you leave your primary course and change course in Melbourne?

If you want to enroll yourself in a new course, first,
you must be released by your current institute, university or school.

 In case your education provider doesn’t allow you or permit you to leave, then getting a new confirmation of enrollment is not possible.

 If you are not convinced with your institute’s decision, then you can file an appeal to the government complaint handling body. Such as Overseas Student Ombudsman or the State or Territory Ombudsman.

 You have to match the criteria in order to change your primary course and if you haven’t a minimum of six months in your primary course and your education provider won’t let you leave your current course. Getting admission in a new course is not possible.


These two factors plays big role in getting your course change:

I have completed at least 6 months

If you have completed six months of the primary course, you should be able to be released from the education provider you are currently studying and re-enroll in a new course. This is quite a simple process. Get in touch now.


I have NOT completed 6 months.

In this case speak with an expert now.

However, before deciding to change the course, you should always do introspect. Follow our 7 Step strategy can help you.

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Change course Melbourne
Change course Melbourne

7 Step Self Reflection Strategies

The following are the 7-self-reflection support services and strategies to ensure you take the right step towards your future success.
  • Reflect on your course plan
  • Changing the direction
  • Changing your major
  • Course transfers
  • Taking a break
  • Changing your study load
  • Need further advice?

Reconsider your current course plan

Before deciding to change your course, take a moment and consider why you want to make a change and try to recognize the issues you’re experiencing. This can help you to find out the best options for you.

Questions to consider

· What were your expectations before you started the course?

· How has your experience been different from the initial expectations?

· Which are the aspects of your course you are struggling with?

· Have you asked for assistance or advice?

· Which were the subjects that you liked?

· What do you like about your course?

Before you get into ‘what is the procedure of changing course?’, it is of utmost importance that you consider the questions mentioned above.

Changing Direction

Students who are pursuing graduation get a bit more advantage when it comes to change their course as most universities are flexible and allow undergraduate to try out different subjects.

Universities take into consideration on what stage the student is at in his/her studies, So it may be possible to change direction within the course by exploring new subjects and pursuing new interests.

If you like to create a new course plan, you should

1) Have enough credit points to meet all your course requirements.

2) Refer to the college prospectus for your course to search for different elective, breadth or major subject options.

Another helpful way to check your progress is that at the end of each semester, you should evaluate whether you need to change your course plan to meet your goals.

Changing major

If a student no longer wishes to study his/her current major, than the student may be able to change it. For more information, contact us.


Course transfers

Students may feel that their present course is not the right fit for them. Before deciding to transfer to a new course, it is essential to consider the circumstances and understand the available options.

Make sure to check the application process and entry obligations of the new course, and if required, seek course planning guidance.

Taking a break

If a student needs a break from their study, they can apply to take a leave of absence of up to 12 months (depends on the university to university).

Students should consider and think about the course and plan the subjects to study after coming from leave.

Many subjects are only available in one study period each year, so if the student takes a single semester off, this could affect when the student prerequisites or progress in the major.

When the student is ready to return to university after leave of absence, and Students are advised to check in with a course planning adviser to make sure that their course plan and the enrolment is up to date.

It’s also crucial that the student knows of critical dates and the student should re-enroll on time, even if the student is on leave during a re-enrollment period.

Changing the Study Load

Depending on the scenario, students might be able to increase or decrease their study load.

Generally, the study load is defined by the number of credit points, and students get when they enroll in each year.

Need further advice?

Whatever your circumstances, AUM Global Melbourne can offer advice and connect you with university or school support services.

You can also find information about how to manage your enrolment online, or how to proceed if you have failed a subject. Sechdule an appointment today.

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