Visa Refusals & Appeals

Explore the basics of Visa Refusal & Appeals

Do you receive any visa cancellation notice from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection then we recommend you seek professional suggestions to make your case accurate and strong? The best Australian Immigration service’s Melbourne can assist you with counter submissions on your behalf after careful consideration of your situation and suggest the best possible solutions. We are here to understand that visa refusal can be quite stressful and therefore our experts would recommend opting for expert advice to understand your situation fairly. In many types of cases, there is the possibility to appeal a DIBP decision, but this requires thorough information and experience of immigration and appeal procedures. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is known as the country Australian tribunal that takes independent merits review of administrative decisions formed under the Commonwealth rules and regulation of the Australian Government.

The AAT review decisions formed by Australian Government ministers, departments and agencies, and in limited types of circumstances, decisions formed by the state government and non-government bodies. In the Migration Division, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal operates as a non-adversarial tribunal to provide feedback by the Department of Immigration. This means that you can be showcased by different types of Migration agents, but there is one fact that there is no representing counsel present on the Department of Immigration side. The Decisions are made by different types of tribunal Member who will review the Department of Immigration’s decision and the facts of your circumstances. If you want full counseling about ATT Appeals then consult our student visa consultant Melbourne.

Time frame for AAT

In general words, you must file your appeal to the AAT within the 21 days. However, the time frame can vary depending on the type of decision and the method by which you were notified of the proper decision.

If the appeal is not filed within this time frame you would in general lose your right to review the situation.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Hearings

When you file an AAT appeal, you have the extreme right to have a hearing. Hearings are generally conducted on the face-to-face platform with the AAT Member who will decide on your filed appeal.

At the hearing, you have the chance to grab the opportunity to give evidence verbally to offer a helping hand for your case, and you can also call witnesses to give evidence. The Member will generally take the wide variety of opportunities to ask questions to clarify the facts in your circumstances.

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