Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

This type of visa permits you to visit Australia for business or business visitor activities. The business includes holidays, recreation and seeing family or friends. Business visitor activities could embody attending a conference, negotiation or associate degree wildcat business visit. You can’t work for or offer services to a business or organization in Australia or sell products or services to the general public. If you’re meaning to do short-run add Australia then you need to consult Best Migration Consultants in Australia. There is a wide variety of people intending informal study or coaching for fewer than three months may additionally apply for a visitor visa.

The near and dear ones of Australian citizens and permanent residents can apply for Visitor visas to visit Australia for longer.

  • This visas of up to five years validity which offers a stay of up to 12 months on each entry to those types of parents who are outside the country Australia and are in the Parent (subclass 103) visa queue.
  • This visa of up to three years validity with 12 months’ stay on each entry will be considered for the near and dear ones who are outside Australia and are not in the Parent visa queue.

This type of visa allows you to see the beautiful culture of Australia. The extraordinary beauty of Australia offers you a peaceful surrounding. Our Best Migration Agent Melbourne will guide you to experience the beautiful landscape of Australia.

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600):

This Particular Class of Visa offers you an opportunity to visit for business purposes for up to three, six or twelve months. 

Two of their subclasses are:
  • The visitor (subclass 651) : This visa is free. You want to be a passport holder of a definite country as laid out in an inventory issued by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • The Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601) : This is often issued to a passport holder of a definite country as laid out in an inventory issued by the Department of Home Affairs.


The purpose of this visa is to permit anyone to visit Australia.

  • For a different type of medical treatment or consultations
  • To support somebody needing medical treatment World Health Organization holds or has applied for this visa.
  • To present an Associate in a nursing organ.


This particular type of visa is for those self-funded retirees with no dependents and who wishes to pay the remainder of their retired lives in a country like Australia.


Usually, this visa is wanted just in case of special programs wherever Associate in Nursing approved special program sponsor has sent missive of invitation to participate during a specifically approved program. The aim is to boost mediation and cultural exchange between the Australian community and also the world at giant.

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